Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love Is Deaf - American Idol '08 (cont.) the really, really bad singers...don't they screen contestants before they get to audition in front of the triumvirate or is it just a matter of suspending belief? I'm overthinking it, aren't I? I guess I can look up the whole process...but I'm over it.

Some of the contestants could be really good singers with lessons, in my opinion. Then again, there are those that should never take lessons. Speaking of singers who never had to take lessons - I love Johnny Cash (I'll be writing more about Johnny Cash in the future, but from his website, the story goes "[In 1945] Mother Carrie sends J.R. to a vocal teacher, in which, after three lessons, his teacher tells him to never take another singing lesson and never change his natural voice.). Smart fucking teacher. And for the record, Johnny Cash is one of my American Idols.

So back to the stupid show...that kid who's got a fucking necklace key thing with his old man having the lock that fits the key...yeah. The funniest shit was him asking if they had any advice, and Randy-dog says, "Kiss some girls". STOOPS! It seems really contrived sometimes, but it had me laughing out loud.

Pia was really good. That kid with the fucking bag of nails was just aight. The chick who sang "Piece Of My Heart" got a sympathy vote. But I'm all for giving people who are borderline another shot, especially someone who's got a story like hers, but I doubt she'll go far. Kady Malloy was by far the highlight of the night. Great tone.

One song I truly dislike is "Living On A Prayer". The butchered version the kid sang was the only rendition of the song I actually ever liked. Ever.

The politician kid was "not as bad as I thought it would be". Straight up. I did not think he was a legitimate contestant but he could sing, and it's tough to tackle Freddie Mercury.

I find it genuinely funny when the contestants really thinks they're good, but they suck donkey balls. Seriously, don't they have anyone around them who is honest or who's not deaf? I know I can't fucking sing no matter how much I'd love to channel the inner Frank Sinatra in me...and I know as bloody well that my friends are going to tell me I stink so I ain't gonna front and try to go out for a singing competition, namean?

I'm already boring myself writing about this (but I'm fucking sucked into the show) yeah...nice red shoes, Randy.

Janis out!

(I know this ain't the greatest version, but if you find a better video of JJ performing this, hookitup.)

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