Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paloma Faith - New York (Tom Middleton Remix)

Tom Middleton, the Jedi Master himself, played a blinding and super fun set last Saturday in NYC. He played an array of musical genres, all weaved in and out smoothly like butter. This special track below has been firmly implanted into my brain:

David Chang makes kimchi on the Today show

D Chang makes his version of kimchi on the Today show:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Black Dynamite (Red Band Trailer)

When “The Man” murders his brother, pumps heroin into local orphanages, and floods the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor, Black Dynamite is the one hero willing to fight all the way from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House.

PSA: Free Admission Wednesday Oct. 21 to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum will be offering free admission on October 21, 2009, from 10 am to 5:45 pm, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the exact day the Guggenheim Museum's Frank Lloyd Wright–designed building opened to the public. View the Kandinsky exhibition, called “sensational” by the New York Times, and enjoy special film screenings, tours in several languages, and a roster of activities, including many family–friendly programs, throughout the day.

Current exhibitions include:

Through Jan 13, 2010

Gabriele Münter and Vasily Kandinsky, 1902–14: A Life in Photographs

Through Jan 13, 2010

Intervals: Kitty Kraus
Through Jan 6, 2010

Paired, Gold: Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Roni Horn
Through Jan 6, 2010

The Deutsche Bank Series at the Guggenheim
Anish Kapoor: Memory
Oct 21, 2009–Mar 28, 2010 (Opening Day)

Take advantage man...take advantage...

PSA: Sasha and DJ Three - Friday, Nov.6

Blkmarket Membership has locked down a special underground party featuring the one-and-only Sasha with the super talented DJ Three closing out the party on Friday, November 6.

The New York City location will be announced within 2 days of the event. To be notified you must RSVP to sasha.underground@gmail.com with your full name. Tickets will only be available at the door, $25 if you RSVP or $35 if you don’t RSVP. Show runs from 10pm Friday night to Noon on Saturday

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

N.W.A. - Parental Discretion Iz Advised

your song of the day...checkit!

[Dr. Dre]
One, two, three, kick it

[The D.O.C.]
Aiyyo Dre, what's goin on man? What's goin on?
Ay what ch'all gonna do for this last record?
Nah tell me what cha'all gonna do?
Okay, you want me to do the intro? Aight!

Parental discretion is advised for the moment
While I'm getting candid, now understand it
Ain't too typical in any way, though the pro
on the mic is the D.O. to the C. this is an intro
I know the DOC makes you want to take a valium
So buy a bucket cause upcomin is my album
And for the record, meanin my record, check it
Listen to the single and you'll be like, yo, I gotta get it
But in the meantime, listen to the rhyme
of the Dr. Dre, played wit N.W.A.
Yella's on the drum roll, rockin the beat
Aiyyo Dre, where's you gonna take this shit man?

[Dr. Dre]
Aiyyo, let's take it to the street (WORD UP!)
Let 'em understand perfection
Let knowledge be the tool for suckers to stop guessin
Cause I don't give a fuck about a radio play
Observed the english I display
Lyrics for the adults, children have been barred
and scarred from listenin to somethin so motherfuckin HARD
Dope, pumpin that's so my shit will never falter
Yo it's Dre so fuck the "Mind of Minolta"
Psycho, like no, other motherfucker
So step to me wrong, G-O for what you N-O
But be warned, never will I leave like a regular
Cause I'm a little better than the regular competitor
I use to see 'em on stage
Earnin money like a thief, but without a guage
Until I got full, of clockin the lame gettin pull
(They said you wasn't gon' get paid)
Nah that's bullshit! They like it stylistic
And I enchant the crowd like I'm a mystic
(C-C-C-C) C-C-C-cameras are flashin, when I'm in action
A photo, or fresh with a flair for fashion
Pure simplicity, see it's elementary
You hear one of the hardest motherfuckers this century
Try to comprise a word to the wise and the guys
Parental discretion is advised

[MC Ren]
Ren is most extremely high performance
The black hat cause I worn this, cause it's like enormous
Some shit I don't take it, not even in a toliet
And shit from a sucker, put in a pot and I'll boil it
Turn up the pilot as it burns
And maybe, the motherfuckers will learn
I'm not a sub, cause I speak sensible
Not considered a prince, cause I'm a principal
I'm engineerin; the shit that you're hearin
Cause when it comes to power, I'm power steerin
Silly you say, I say you're silly when you say it
Rushin to the eject, to put my shit in and play it
It's like Apollo, but I'm not an amateur
And I'm not givin a fuck, while I'm damagin ya
It's for the record; so Ren's lyrics is gonna spin it
And if there was a trophy involved, I'll win it
Possession is mine and I'm the holder
Cause a nigga like Ren don't give a fuck cause I'm older
So for you to step off would be wise
And say fuck it, parental discretion is advised

[Ice Cube]
I be what is known as a bandit
You gotta hand it to me when you truly understand it
Cause if you fail to see, read it in braile
It'll still be funky -- so what's next is the flex
of a genius, my rapid-stutter-steppin if you seen this
dope, you hope that I don't really mean this
But if played, made the grade or high-top fade
It's not my trademark when I get loose in the dark
You guess it was a test of a different style
It's just another motherfucker on the pile
Drivin your ass with the flow of your tongue
You hung yourself short, the after-knowledge was brung
to your attention, by the hardest motherfuckin artist
that is know for lynchin any sucker in a minute
Stagger 'em all
When I start flowin like Niagara Falls
Ice Cube is equipped to rip shit in a battle
Move like a snake when I'm mad; and then my tail rattle
I get low on the flow so let your kids know
When I bust, parental discretion is a must

Little did they know, that I would be arrivin
And it's surprisin, rockin it from where I been
But it's the E here to take, no mistake to be made
in the trade where funky ass records are bein played
Fuck the regular, yo as I get better the
bitches wanna trick and go stupid up on the dick
So I get 'em hot, thinkin they're gonna get it
As they sit, rubbin their legs like a cricket
To you it may be funny, but
there's no service of beef, without money
So slip the C-note, and you can choke
on a wing-ding-ding-a-ling down your throat
Foreplay; to me ain't shit
When you spread 'em I'm ready, then you can get the dick
of the Eaze, if you can deal with the size
But if you can't, parental discretion's advised! {*echoes*}

{*bass guitar and piano solo for a minute*}

[Unknown voice at the end after band breaks down]
Shut the fuck up!!

Delivery Week (Seamless Web Promotion) - October 19-31

Seamless Web will have a promotion starting October 19 through Halloween where you can get a 3-course lunch for $12.09 + tax or a 3-course dinner for $20.09 + tax delivered to your door. The participating restaurants are as follows:

35 Thai
A La Turka
Alfanoose Middle Eastern Cuisine
Alfonso's House of Lasagna (Brought to you by Domenico's)
Amber (3rd Ave)
Au Mandarin
Austin Fishwich (Brought to you by Salmon River)
Baluchi's (East)
Baluchi's (Greenwich St.)
Baluchi`s (Spring)
Baluchi's (West)
Barbarini Alimentari
Bellini Italian Restaurant & Brick Oven Pizzeria
Benvenuto Grille
Big Nick`s Burger Joint & Pizza Joint (Bdwy)
Bistro by PS450
Bread and Olive Restaurant
Brother Jimmy's - Amsterdam Ave
Cafe Spice (University Place)
Chelsea Ristorante
Chola, brought to you by Tadka
Cinema Brasserie
Cucina Di Pesce
Doyers Vietnamese Restaurant, Inc.
Earthen Oven
Ethos (First Ave)
Ethos Greek Cuisine
Fresco by Scotto on the Go
Fresco on the Go (Pearl St)
Fresh Basil's
Garage Restaurant & Cafe
Giorgio`s of Gramercy
Greenwich Street Tavern
Havana Central (Bdway)
Havana Central
Havana Central (Time Square)
Hill Country
Indus Valley
Intermezzo (Only ASAP Orders Please)
I Vandali-Fresh Italian Restaurant
John`s Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
Khao Sarn II
Koodo Sushi (Grand Opening)
La Giara
La Gioconda
Lilli and Loo
Little Thai Kitchen
Mama Mexico (49th St.)
Matsu Sushi
Niko`s Mediterranean Grill & Bistro
Nomado 33
Ollie`s (42nd St.)
Paris Commune
POP Burger
Pound & Pence
Rare Bar & Grill
Salmon River
Serafina at the Time Hotel
Sushi Time
Thai Chai - Yo
Waterstone Grill
Wave Sushi at Caviar Russe
Wild Edibles
Yama (Carmine)
Yama (E. 49th)
Zen Palate
Zucchero e Pomodori
Mama Mexico (Broadway)
Match 65 Brasserie & Sushi Bar (Formerly Paris Match Bistro)
Mudville 9 Grill
Paprika Cucina Italiana
Peep Restaurant
Pera Mediterranean Brasserie
Smorgas Chef West Village LLC
Smorgas Chef
Smorgas Chef (Park Ave)
Sosa Borella - 8th Ave
The Volstead

Here's a map of all the joints. Link

It'll be interesting to see what some of these restaurants will be offering for the promotion. As Jacques Pépin says - Happy Eating!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PSA: Andrew Weatherall @ Love on Saturday, October 10 (Update)

From the promoters:

Dear Friends, its with great sadness that we have to mention this, but Andrew Weatherall was denied his work visa to come to the U.S. This is something we really were looking forward to but now for the 2nd time we have tried to book him, its not possible once again. But fear not, we have put together something for all of you that will still get your grooving. We have asked Bill Patrick who is on tour now in the US, to come and take Weatherall's place and do an extended set for us.


Maybe third time will be the charm?