Thursday, December 15, 2011

Derek Howell - Happy To Be Sad

One of my absolute favorites...released on the mighty Bedrock label back in 2004...turn it UP!!!!

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Hybrid Remix)

So, the first time I heard this remix it wasn't in the proper setting (read: super loud) and didn't fully appreciate it. Well, now I'm listening to it loud and feeling it...

Radiohead - House of Cards (Live From The Basement)

Song just popped into my head...

I don't wanna be your friend
I just wanna be your lover
No matter how it ends
No matter how it starts

Forget about your house of cards
And I'll do mine
Forget about your house of cards
And I'll do mine

Fall off the table,
And get swept under
Denial, denial

The infrastructure will collapse
From voltage spikes
Throw your keys in the bowl
Kiss your husband 'good night'

Forget about your house of cards
And I'll do mine
Forget about your house of cards
And I'll do mine

Fall off the table,
And get swept under

Denial, denial
Denial, denial

Your ears are burning
Denial, denial
Your ears should be burning
Denial, denial

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vinyl Manufacturing

I've previously posted videos showing how vinyl is made, but came across another vid and thought I'd post it as well.

FAC-RAD-011(mixed & compiled by Desyn Masiello)

A sweet and thoughtful mix:

FAC-RAD-011(mixed & compiled by Desyn Masiello) by Faciendo


Faze Action - Plans & Designs (Strings)
Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy (Kamoflage mix) Desyn Edit
Subculture - The Voyage - Desyn Edit
CC Rogers - Someday - Desyn Edit
Talk Talk - Its my Life - Omid 16b Edit
Talk Talk - Its my Life - Original + Extended Desyn Edit
Propaganda - The Last Word (Strength To Dream) Desyn Edit
William Orbit - Water from a vine leaf - Desyn Edit
Moby - Porcelain - Desyn Edit
Conjure One - Pilgramige
Thermal Bear - Take On (Instrumental) Desyn Edit
Quintus Project - Night Flight (Lexx edit) Desyn Edit
Nicolas Jaar - Wooh - Desyn Edit
Unknown - Unknown - Desyn's Spiritual Emotions Edit

LBS on the road in 2011 - Laurent Garnier presents LBS 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bill Patrick PS001 (Nov' 11)

The first ever, world premiere, grande debut of Private Stock. Special guests Magda, Ryan Crosson, Troy Pierce, Ryan Elliot, Marc Houle and Shaun Reeves join Bill Patrick for this Thanksgiving extravaganza filled with deliciously decadent music and joyous banter.

Private Stock brings together the finest collection of music you'd expect to hear in one of David Lynch's daydreams or eerily swirling around an Alejandro Jodorowsky film. Every 4th Thursday of the month, BIll Patrick runs the gamut with his wide selection of UK future beats, genre bending house and techno, nerdcore indie rock and a bunch of other shit that defies labeling.

Bill Patrick PS001 Nov'11 by billpatrick

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Laurent Garnier - Acid Eiffel

The maestro Laurent Garnier is back in the New York area on Saturday, January 21, 2012. More info here.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sasha - Mixmag Covermount CD (Nov. 2011)


1. Sasha - Ushuaia Flight Path
2. Todd Terje - Snooze for love (version/orig)
3. Maceo Plex - Cant Leave you
4. SmashTV - Steroids to Heaven
5. Tahloula - We play House
6. Mario & Vidis - Changed (soulclap)
7. Todd Terje - Ragysh
8. Scuba - Adrenalin
9. Rik Wolding - Disco Pussy (Tale of us)
10. P Kalkbrenner - Gutes Nitzwerk
11. Rone - So So So
12. Scuba - Never
13. Sasha - Nightpath

Manik - She Watches Me (The Revenge Remix)

Out today:

Manik : She Watches Me (The Revenge Remix) by The Revenge

Sublime - Get Out!

Version from the first pressing of the album, forced to be removed because it used an uncleared Led Zeppelin sample (probably amongst other samples as well).

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gabriel Ananda - Smash (Live Version)

This is massive. Makes me want to wave my hands in the I just don't care...

DJ Buck - Make It Hot

This track just popped into my brain. One of my favorite producers, I used to cane the poop out of this choon:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Steve Bug - Trees Can't Dance (Deetron Remix)

Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (The Revenge Rework)

Chakachas 'Jungle Fever' (Greg Wilson edit)

Chakachas 'Jungle Fever' (greg wilson edit) by gregwilson

Chakachas ‘Jungle Fever’ (greg wilson edit)

99 bpm

Previously limited vinyl only 2010.

Following on from last week’s Crystal Grass upload, here’s the track that appeared on the other side of GW Ruff Edits #4, ‘Jungle Fever’ by Chakachas (aka ‘Belgian Jungle’), a deliciously wicked downtempo groove that’s been described as ‘one of the first Disco records’. Somewhat bizarrely, this was a Latin combo from Belgium, who’d been recording since the 50’s. Chakachas (or The Chakachas, as there name also appeared) were certainly unlikely Disco pioneers, but ‘Jungle Fever’ became a UK Top 30 hit in 1972, and would no doubt have climbed much higher had it not been pulled off the BBC airwaves because the sighs and heavy breathing were deemed too risqué for the British public’s sensibilities (Donna Summer’s ‘Love To Love You Baby’ still more than 3 years away). However, it was in the US where it found its greatest success – a massive hit, it reached #8 on the US Pop chart, and #11 R&B, selling a million copies in the process.

As with Crystal Grass, the reason I edited it was purely to extend the length, adding over 2 minutes to the original version. The first time I remember playing it out was at Café Mambo in Ibiza in 2009, which was also the first mix I ever uploaded to SoundCloud:

CAFE MAMBO IBIZA 27.09.09 (greg wilson live mix) by gregwilson

Greg Wilson – November 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Daddy Kane - Raw '91

"Bring that beat back, bring that beat back!" -> Chuck D
"We gonna do a song, that you heard before.."

Here I am, R-A-W
A terrorist, here to bring trouble to
phony MC's, I move on and seize
I just conquer and stomp another rapper with ease
Cause I'm at my apex and others are below
Nothing but a milliliter, I'm a kilo
Second to none, making MC's run
So don't try to step to me, cause I ain't the one
I relieve rappers, just like Tylenol
And they know it, so I don't see why you all
try to front, perpetratin a stunt
when you know that I'll smoke you up like a blunt
I'm genuine like Gucci, raw like sushi
To stage a rage is what rap did to me
To make me want to create, chaos and mayhem
Cold rock a party, until the A.M.
I'll make a muscle, grab the mic and hustle
While you stand dazed and amazed, I bust a
little rhyme with authority, superiority
And captivate the whole crowd's majority
The rhymes I use definitely amuse
Better than Dynasty, or Hill Street Blues
I'm sure to score adored for more without a flaw
Cause I get RAW!

"R-A-W" (cut and scratched by Mister Cee 4X)

Attact, react, exact, the mack'll move you with
a strong song as long as you groove to this
I keep the crowd loud when you're hyped
Do damage on stage and injure the mic
As I shoot the gift, MC's stand stiff
While my rhymes stick to you like Skippy and Jif
Feel my blunt fist, or my death kiss
The rap soloist - you don't want none of this
Supreme in this era, I reign with terror
When I grab the mic, believe you're gonna hear a
fascinating rhyme, as I enchant them
So let's all sing the Big Daddy anthem
Go with the flow, my rhymes grow like an afro
An entertaining gain, the Kane'll never no
problem, I could sneeze sniffle or cough
Eeee-even if I stutter I'ma still come off
Cause rappers can't understand the mics I rip
They sho' nuff ain't equipped, that's why they got flipped
But my apparatus is up to status
Don't ask who the baddest, or cause static
to make or break or take em, my rhymes hit the head
Put it to bed, so watch what's said
Save the bass for the piper, rearrange your tone
Take a loss and be forced from the danger zone
I get ill and kill at will
Teachin a skill that's real, yeah no frill
Just stand still and chill as I build
Science I drill until my rhymes fill your head up!
"R-A-W" -- don't even get up
Competition shut up, cause I'm RAW!

"Help me!" (cut and scratched 8X by Mister Cee)

The man at hand to rule and school to teach and reach
the blind to find their way from A to Z
and be the most and boast the loudest rap
again, to reign your domain (YEAH KANE)
The heat is on, so feel the fire
come off the empire, all the more higher
Level of depth, one step beyond dope
The suckers all scope and hope to cope but NOPE
cause I never let em on top of me
I play em out like a game of Monopoly
Let em speed around the board like an astro
Then send em to jail for tryin to pass Go
Shakin em up, breakin em up, takin no stuff
but it still ain't loud enough
So let the volume increase, never to cease
I'ma release a masterpiece a slip of the tongue like grease
Rippin the mic to shreds, puttin heads to bed
Code red cause the rhymes is bein said
by the Asiatic printer of raw poetry
No hints or clues, you all know it's me
I go pound for pound and round for round to clown the sound
profound it's bound to go down, UHH
A lyrical knockout, showin I got clout
My comp should just drop out
Cause none of them can see me
I leave em Winan like their name was BeBe or CeCe
I get RAW!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Deep Dish - BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix (1998-07-12)


Sanasol vs Ozzy - "Seven Eleven" (Thule)
artist unknown - "Primitive Tools Edition One" (Primitive)
Attaboy - "Solid Space Business" (Pagan)
Emily - "untitled" (Yoshitoshi)
Problem Kids - "Miles Away" (Paper)
Wambonix - "untitled" (Earth)
Latino Circus - "In Your Soul" (Yoshitoshi)
David Alvarado - "untitled" (Yoshitoshi)
Deep Dish - "Summer's Over" (Deconstruction)
All-Star Madness - "Magic" (Atlantic)
Danny Tenaglia featuring Cevin Fisher - "The Better Days" (Twisted)
Korsakov - "Deep In Space" (Muller)
PSI Perfomer - "untitled" (white label)
Love + Rockets - "Resurrection Hex" (Red Ant)
2 Phat C**** - "Ride" (Yoshitoshi)
Aril Brikha - "Groove L'achord" (Fragile)
Stonemaker - "Tangent" (Bellboy)
artist unknown - "untitled" (Toko #13)
K.O.T featuring Julie McKnight - "I Want You" (Yoshitoshi)
Deep Dish featuring Everything But The Girl - "The Future Of The Future (deConstruction)

The Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin' (orig. UK version)

"Gimme Some Lovin" written by Steve Winwood peaked at #7 in the US charts in 1966. The basic riff borrows from the Howard Banks song "(Ain't That) A Lot of Love". You may also note its familiarity due to the Jean-Marc Cerrone cover I previously posted here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sugardaddy & DJ Bone 'Whatever Happened To The Soul?' (Greg Wilson mash-up)

Sugardaddy & DJ Bone 'Whatever Happened To The Soul?' (greg wilson mash-up) by gregwilson

118 bpm

Never previously shared.

You can also read the following at my blog with accompanying images:

Earlier this month Leftside Wobble shared an edit of Man Friday’s ‘Love Honey, Love Heartache’ on his SoundCloud. I left a comment highlighting the history of this track, which read as follow:
“Fascinating evolution with this track - inspired by a British release on the Tania label, '(Money) No Love' / 'Love Money' from 1980 (with a further version of 'Love Money' the following year as part of the Champagne EP 'Re-Mixture - The Best Of UK Jazz-Funk') by Funk Masters / TW Funkmasters. This was originally massive on the British Jazz-Funk scene, but was also picked up on import by NYC DJ's like Larry Levan, David Mancuso & François Kevorkian. It was undoubtedly a pivotal track in sparking the Dub experimentation that was subsequently the key feature of many remixes out of New York. A few years later it took off all over again in Chicago, whilst back in NY Levan paid tribute with 'Love Honey, Love Heartache' (which now Mr Wobble revives here a quarter of a century on). The guy behind 'Love Money' was London DJ Tony Williams - I interviewed him about the tracks legacy back in 2004, and he didn't have a clue about its cult classic status on both sides of the Atlantic - if anyone wants to find out more about the history behind it:”

It wasn’t until a few days later that I realised I’d completely forgotten to mention my own connection with the track via my edit of Sugardaddy's 'Love Honey', which would appear on Credit To The Edit Vol 2 in 2009. To complete the circle in a circle / wheel within a wheel (as he called it) Leftside Wobble left a comment saying that one of the prime motivating factors for him to refresh the original was because the inclusion of the Sugardaddy edit on C2theE2 had served to introduce that particular vocal sample to a younger audience. You can check out his edit here: Man Friday - Love Honey (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

Here’s the section about the Sugardaddy edit from the album’s sleevenotes:
“Sugardaddy are Tom Findlay (from Groove Armada) and Tim Hutton. I originally met Tom and his GA partner, Andy Cato, at one of David Mancuso's London Loft Parties back in 2005, before the release of Credit To The Edit. He was working on the Sugardaddy project at the time and told me of his plans to issue their first single on Tirk. This turned out to be 'Love Honey', which came in three distinctive flavours (Electro, Funk and Acid), all highly playable for me, making it difficult to fix on my favourite. The track connects back to Man Friday's 'Love Honey, Love Heartache', a 1986 Larry Levan mix, which took its influence from the Funk Masters / TW Funkmasters and 'Love Money' from 1980 (original) / 1981 (Champagne version), a seminal UK recording that was big on the Jazz-Funk scene in the early 80's before making waves in the underground dance clubs of New York and Chicago (to round things off, 'Love Money' was inspired by the 1979 Reggae hit 'Money In My Pocket' by Dennis Brown).

Then, when Puma asked Tirk to contribute a track for their 5x12 vinyl boxed set, which was distributed as a limited edition at the Miami Music Conference in 2006, Sav asked me if I'd be up for editing 'Love Honey'. This presented the perfect opportunity for me to combine two of the mixes, the Electro and the Acid, providing myself with a version that would become a major track for me in the clubs and was, more recently, included in my Essential Mix. As a consequence, I ended up putting together my own versions of a handful of other Sugardaddy tracks from their vastly underrated album 'It's Good To Get High With The Wife', including 'State Of Play', 'Hypnotise' and 'Hate Love Passion', which all made it onto vinyl. This would lead on to my contribution to Groove Armada's 'Soundboy Rock' album. I'd also mash the Funk version of 'Love Honey' with 'Whatever Happened To The Soul?' a spoken word release from Detroit's DJ Bone, which I'd been introduced to when I visited Gerald (A Guy Called) in Berlin, but this remains unreleased to date (although it's popped up on a couple of my live mixes).”

It’s this unreleased version that’s finally available here. I’m not sure why I thought it was called ‘Whatever Happened To The Soul?” – it turns out the recording, issued on limited 7” (only 300 pressed), was actually called ‘Music’. I suppose that the line, ‘what happened to the soul?’ must have had particular resonance for me, and I fixed on this as the title (there was nothing written on the white label, it was just numbered), so this is what I’ve called it here.

Gerald is, of course someone with whom I have Manchester connections prior to his ‘Voodoo Ray’ fame. He was a regular at Legend when I deejayed there in the early 80’s (although I didn’t know this until some years later), so, when he played me Bone’s impassioned monologue, he did this in the knowledge that, given my background as a DJ of the old school, a black music specialist, I’d fully appreciate the words spoken, and respect their sentiment. It’s only right to reproduce them here – take a bow DJ Bone:

“The music… It's all about the music…We used to listen to music… We used to love music… I remember when we used to love music…It was our escape… Our sanctuary…It was good times… It was soulful…It was funky…What happened to the music?...I remember when we used to dance… No lights, no fights, just soul…All soul…Surrounded by friends… Strangers were friends… We didn't care…It was all about the music…No worries, no troubles, no bills, no drugs… Just music…What happened to the music?… What happened to the soul?… Where's the soul?…True artform, bastardized… Reshaped, repackaged, watered down, sold out…What happen to the soul?… It sold out… Ha ha ha ha… The soul sold out!…But not the soul makers… Soul makers still here… We still here… We still here…We live for this shit… This is… This is our shit…This is what we feeeeel…It's how we work… It's an expression of why we act the way we do…It's not a gimmick, this ain't no hype…Bullshit ass… Poster child for some shit you didn't invent…Sucking the soul out of it...Watering it down… It's a shame…Are you funky with the machines? Or do the machines make you funky?...Who programs who?...Do the machines program you?...This is our life, this is our love, our passion…History… Ignored history… Ignored, insulted, disrespected…For fame… Short fame… And short money!…Hope it was worth it.”

Apart from the actual content, I really liked the lo-fi quality of the recording, like it was being spoken down a phone – like it was a message delivered from a distant time and place, something that becomes less audible the more we move into the future, which only adds to the atmosphere of loss. I instantly knew that I wanted to find the right track to set it to. I also knew that I didn’t want to just sample parts of it – it was far too urgent a poetic statement for me to use in anything less than its entirety.

Sugardaddy’s Funk mix of ‘Love Honey’ was exactly what I was after. Harking back to ‘Love Honey, Love Heartache’ and what came before, it echoed that sense of history that Bone pinpointed. Further to this the lines ‘didn’t I show you love, show you love, didn’t I give you love, give you love?’ and ‘is this what I get from you my love?’ took on a new context – it was as though they were expressing empathy with what Bone was saying, sharing his plea. The juxtaposition was perfect for me and, just a month on from Berlin, I played it on my New York debut, very much aware that I was making a direct reference back to what had been happening there in the 80’s when Larry Levan recorded ‘Love Honey, Love Heartache’ having been inspired by ‘Love Money’ earlier in the decade – a British DJ who was heavily influenced by NYC in the early 80’s plays a track by a British act, which took its cue from an NYC recording of the mid-80’s that was recorded by an NY DJ who was influenced by a British recording in the early 80’s . The karmic wheel of connectivity spins like a record.

The gig in New York was at APT in the Meatpacking District, just a walk away from King Street, the location of the Paradise Garage, where Larry Levan forged his legend. You can download the recording of the night as exclusive content from my SoundCloud page, but you need to be signed in first, otherwise you’ll get the dreaded ‘Oops!’ page:
FIRST TIME IN NYC @ APT 21.10.05 (greg wilson live mix) by gregwilson

There were a number of NYC DJ’s in attendance that night, both present and past, including Barry Lederer, who’d once played a hugely significant role as Billboard’s Disco columnist back in the 70’s, taking over from the great Tom Moulton (Barry was also co-owner of Graebar, the company who installed the sound systems at venues including The Saint and 12 West). He’d planned to be accompanied by his friend Mel Cheren, a true pioneer of the Disco era, who owned the Paradise Garage as well as West End Records. Barry extended apologies for the no show from Mel, who wasn’t well, and we talked about hooking up during my next visit. However, it sadly wasn’t to be as Mel died in 2007, before my return. Just six months later Barry too was no longer with us. When I’d heard the sad news of his passing I played Jimmy Ruffin’s ‘Tell Me What You Want’ (1974) at my next gig – this was his favourite Disco record, and something I often used to slip in as a much loved oldie back when I started out in the mid-70’s.

I’d intended to press up ‘Whatever Happened To The Soul?’, along with all the other Sugardaddy mixes I did, as part of a trio of 12” releases for my short-lived label, B77, but I only got as far as the first ‘Hypnotise / Hate Love Passion’, before the distributer, Goya, went belly-up in 2007. As a result, the label was shelved after only two releases (the other release being ‘Amok’ by My Space Rocket Feat Nina Kraviz), but Leftside Wobbles Man Friday edit has proved to be the catalyst for this mash-up with a message to finally emerge, six years on from when it was first done.

Greg Wilson – October 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dave & Ansil Collins - Double Barrel

Greg Wilson's favorite #1:

Peter Tosh - Stepping Razor

If you wanna live
Treat me good
If you wanna live, live
I beg you treat me good

I'm like a walking razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous
Said I'm dangerous

If you are a bully
Treat me good
If you are a bully, a bully
I beg you treat me good

I'm like a stepping razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous, dangerous

If you are a chucky
Nobody chucky from me
If you are a chucky, a chucky
Nobody chuck from me, Yea


I'm like a chopping razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous, dangerous

If you eat asphalt
I beg you treat me good
If you drink lead soup
You better treat me good


If you are bull bukka
Nobody buk from me
If you are duppy
You move away from me


I'm like a stepping, walking
I'm dangerous, dangerous

If you wanna live
Treat me good
Warning you if you wanna live You better treat me good

I'm like a stepping, walking, cutting, flicking,
jumping,chopping, walking
I'm dangerous, dangerous
I'm like a stepping, jumping, flicking, bumping, boring
I'm dangerous, dangerous

If you drink mortal
Treat me good
And if you eat brick
Treat me good

I'm like a flashing laser and a rolling thunder
I'm dangerous, dangerous
I'm like a stepping razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous, dangerous

Treat me good
If you wanna live
You better treat me good

Talking: ...You don't through a fifth of the trilliation
I go through...
Only a name would be here to represent...

If you wanna live
You better treat me good
You could a drink lead soup
I'm dangerous
You could a eat asphalt
I'm dangerous
You could a eat brick for crackers
I'm dangerous...
I saw the sun...Fucking dangerous...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Justin Martin & Ardalan - LEZGO

Undeniably JMart...

Farmer Ian Neale on his experience with Snoop Dogg


Ian Neale: Met him last night and I had a smoke with him. I don't smoke, but he offered me one so I took one.

Reporter: I'm hoping that's just tobacco.

Neale: No it wasn't.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Rum Diary (trailer)

Out in theaters on Friday, October 28.

It took over a decade to finally get the film to screen, much to Hunter S. Thompson's chagrin. Check out this awesome letter he sends an executive at the now defunct indie movie studio The Shooting Gallery...

Hunter S. Thompson
Woody Creek

HOLLY SORENSON / Shooting Gallery / Hollywood / Jan 22 '01

Dear Holly,

Okay, you lazy bitch, I'm getting tired of this waterhead fuckaround that you're doing with The Rum Diary.

We are not even spinning our wheels aggresivly. It's like the whole Project got turned over to Zombies who live in cardboard boxes under the Hollywood Freeway... I seem to be the only person who's doing anything about getting this movie Made. I have rounded up Depp, Benicio Del Toro, Brad Pitt, Nick Nolte & a fine screenwriter from England, named Michael Thomas, who is a very smart boy & has so far been a pleasure to talk to & conspire with...

So there's yr. fucking Script & all you have to do now is act like a Professional & Pay him. What the hell do you think Making a Movie is all about? Nobody needs to hear any more of that Gibberish about yr. New Mercedes & yr. Ski Trips & how Hopelessly Broke the Shooting Gallery is.... If you're that fucking Poor you should get out of the Movie Business. It is no place for Amateurs & Dilletants who don't want to do anything but "take lunch" & Waste serious people's Time.

Fuck this. We have a good writer, we have the main parts casted & we have a very marketable movie that will not even be hard to make....

And all you are is a goddamn Bystander, making stupid suggestions & jabbering now & then like some half-bright Kid with No Money & No Energy & no focus except on yr. own tits.... I'm sick of hearing about Cuba & Japs & yr. Yo-yo partners who want to change the story because the violence makes them Queasy.

Shit on them. I'd much rather deal with a Live asshole than a Dead worm with No Light in his Eyes.... If you people don't want to Do Anything with this movie, just cough up the Option & I'll talk to someone else. The only thing You're going to get by quitting and curling up in a Fetal position is relentless Grief and Embarrassment. And the one thing you won't have is Fun...

Okay, That's my Outburst for today. Let's hope that it gets Somebody off the dime. And if you don't Do Something QUICK you're going to Destroy a very good idea. I'm in the mood to chop yr. fucking hands off.




M. Thomas


Monday, October 3, 2011

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

Been in a National kind of mood this morning...

Martin Dawson - Think About It feat. NRG (Maceo Plex remix) [Pets Recordings]

Late Night Tales presents MGMT

The superb Late Night Tales compilation has a new release out today compiled by MGMT.

Purchase your digital, cd or vinyl copy here.

Formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York the band consists of multi-instrumentalists Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, both alumni of Wesleyan University. Their 2008 debut album ‘Oracular Spectacular’ spawned the almost ubiquitous hit singles ‘Kids’, ‘Time To Pretend’ and ‘Electric Feel’ while 2010’s follow up ‘Congratulations’ saw them embrace more of a progressive, guitar-driven sound.

The band’s Late Night Tales selection of post-punk, cult indie and counter-culture figureheads reflects the band’s multifaceted sound, and draws comparisons with contemporary dreampop/chillwave/shoegaze/folk scenes on both sides of the Atlantic.

The listener finds MGMT presiding over the playlist "after-the-after-party”; daybreak creeping through the curtains earlier than desirable, broken bodies lining the corridors, the emotionally bankrupt kept alive by timeless songs of heartache and longing.

Luminaries The Velvet Underground, Suicide and Julian Cope, although not with their most famous songs, sit alongside less familiar names
such as Disco Inferno; whose ‘Can’t See It Through’ from their final ‘96 album ‘Technicolour’ opens proceedings.

MGMT’s exclusive cover of ‘All We Ever Wanted Was Everything’ by Bauhaus sits comfortably alongside the UK post-punk-gothic band’s
peers The Durutti Column, The Chills, The Jacobites and Felt’s brief but imposing instrumental ‘Red Indians’.

Paranoia strikes deep: the double header of Cheval Sombre’s ‘Troubled Mind’ and ‘Drug Song’ by 60’s Christian folk singer Dave Bixby
accentuate the hope offered by the ever penitent Spacemen 3 (MGMT’s second album ‘Congratulations’ was recorded with founder Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom), who deliver ‘Lord Can You Hear Me?’ in respect to the beautiful closer ‘Morning Splendor’, taken from Pauline Anna Strom’s rare ‘82 LP ‘Trans-Millenia Consort‘.

Below is MGMT's cover of the Bauhaus track "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything".

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paulo Olarte - You Got Me

Feelin this choon right now...

Wylie Dufresne piece on Vice's Munchies series

Elektrons 'Get Up' (Greg Wilson Special mix)

One of my all-time favorite Greg Wilson pieces, he sets it free to the masses via soundcloud with some information about how the project came around and some interesting tidbits about the track itself.

Elektrons 'Get Up' (greg wilson special mix) by gregwilson

110 bpm

Previously one-sided DJ vinyl / promo only CD 2007:

Also shared for a limited period via SoundCloud in 2009/10.

In March 2007 I received an email from Justin Crawford (aka Justin Unabomber), who, along with DJ partner Luke Cowdrey (aka Luke Unabomber), was busy putting the finishing touches to their Elektrons album ‘Red Light, Don’t Stop’, which would be issued later that year via Wall Of Sound / PIAS. Justin told me about an idea he had for me to put together a DJ only ‘party mash up’ of ‘Get Up’, the first single from the album.

I was more than happy to take it on - as you’re no doubt aware, I have massive respect for the Unabombers and their seminal Electric Chair parties at the Music Box in Manchester, which can be counted amongst the most influential British club nights of the last twenty years. The monthly events finally came to an end in January 2008, having originally kicked off in 1995, and I was fortunate enough to make a number of memorable Chair appearances at the Music Box, as well as other related gatherings both in Manchester and London, following my debut there in February 2005.

I got all the parts sent over and set about rebuilding the track, retaining some sections of vocal and speeding it up from around 100bpm to 110bpm, which sat better for my purposes. With carte blanche to sample whatever I liked, given that this wouldn’t be made commercially available, I had what might be called a field day. Listen closely (or not so closely) and you’ll hear a whole host of sources, including Marvin Gaye, Ladies Choice, Led Zepplin, James Brown, Missy Elliot, Chic, Public Enemy, Symarip, Michael Jackson, Brass Construction, Madness, The Doors and Ednah Holt; even Shrek got in on the act. I’d also switch from the original backing during the mid-section of the mix, dropping into the groove of the great mid-70’s Funk favourite, ‘Hollywood Swinging’ by Kool & The Gang, a change which generally provokes a noticeable surge of energy from the dancefloor.

It was a really buzzy thing to work on. I can certainly hear the playfulness in there as I trade the samples off against each other, vibing on the groove and creating tension. I suppose I approached it as a mini-epic, if that makes sense, with a few familiar faces popping up along the way to join the fun.

Greg Wilson – September 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anthony Bourdain on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

JRE #138 - Anthony Bourdain from Brian Redban on Vimeo.

Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further ft. Siedah Garrett

Was listening to Greg Wilson's 2020 Village Underground live mix and a mashup with Dennis Edwards "Don't Look any Further" came on. Of course, it reminded my of Tupac's "Hit 'Em Up" as well.

Someone to count on in a world ever changing
here I am, stop where you standing
what you need is a lover, someone to take over
oh girl don't look any further.

Strange when you think of the chances
that we've both been in a state of mind
too cool to be careless, looking for the right thing.
Oh baby don't look any further.

Tonight (tonight) we're gonna taste a little paradise
rockin` all night long. Rockin` all night long
Daylight (daylight) I`ll still be looking in your heavenly eyes.

Oh we rocked on and on and on.

Day o umba day o mambu ji ay o
Don't look any further. Don't you look no furhter
Day o umba day o na jam bay um bay o
Don't look any further.

Someone to count on (someone to count on) in a world ever changing
here I am, stop where you standing
what you need is a lover (you need a lover)
to love you all over (love you all over)
Oh baby don`t look any further (further)

Tonight (tonight) we're gonna taste a little paradise
rock you night long, rock me all night long
Daylight (daylight) I`ll still be looking in your heavenly eyes.

We'll go on and on and on.

Day o umba day o mambu ji ay o
Don't look any further. Don't you look no furhter
Day o umba day o na jam bay um bay o
Don't look any further

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jay Tripwire - Sad and Beautiful World

A prolific producer of quality house tunes, Jay Tripwire is a name familiar to many who've bought records the past dozen years or so. Here's a relatively new one that's on the deeper spectrum of house...

Also, in anticipation of his Fabric set tomorrow, a promo mix has been shared. You can get a copy of it as well as read an interview with him here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Magic Trip (Trailer)

Alex Gibney and Alison Ellwood's MAGIC TRIP is a freewheeling portrait of Ken Kesey and the Merry Prankster's fabled road trip across America in the legendary Magic Bus. In 1964, Ken Kesey, the famed author of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," set off on a legendary, LSD-fuelled cross-country road trip to the New York World's Fair. He was joined by "The Merry Band of Pranksters," a renegade group of counterculture truth-seekers, including Neal Cassady, the American icon immortalized in Kerouac's "On the Road," and the driver and painter of the psychedelic Magic Bus. Kesey and the Pranksters intended to make a documentary about their trip, shooting footage on 16MM, but the film was never finished and the footage has remained virtually unseen. With MAGIC TRIP, Gibney and Ellwood were given unprecedented access to this raw footage by the Kesey family. They worked with the Film Foundation, HISTORY and the UCLA Film Archives to restore over 100 hours of film and audiotape, and have shaped an invaluable document of this extraordinary piece of American history.

GusGus - Over (Life And Death Remix)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Psychotropic - Only For The Headstrong

Oldie but goodie. It's got a little bit of the Orbital "Chime" thing going on, no?

NWA - Something 2 Dance 2

Yo give me somethin' to dance to

(Calling the police, Calling the g-men
Calling all americans to war on the underworld)

Arabian Prince, back wit' a style that's hype
Not slow and low, it's the fast type
Gettin dumped, can you hear the drums
Yo Dre why don't you pump it up some
I pumped it up so now what's up
Yo Yella boy, add a little cut
What the hell, you think we need some bells
Yeah, homeboy, might as well
There it is, so now what's next
A little ssssssssssss
So find me a ho, wait a minute
You need somethin' else then
This is what I want you to do
Feel the groove, bust a move
Yo I'm tired, what about you
Man this is somethin' to dance to

Man that's wack, everybody used that
Yo, why dont you bring back the other track
Yeah there you go that's what I'm sayin
I like it when that dope stuffs playin
Real loud, in ya ear hole
Man let's go, I think my feet are swoll' from dancin' so damn much
Maaaaaan, I don't give a what
You wanna leave? With all these females pullin on my sleeve
I bet, you can jet, homeboy, no sweat
This is what I want you to do
Feel the groove, bust a move
This is somethin' to dance to

Let the bass kick
Th-th-this is somethin ta dance to(x7)

Other Lives - For 12 (Sander Kleinenberg's Rabbit Hole Remix)

Been awhile since I've gotten down to a Sander Kleinenberg choon:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

M. Wells feature on Vice

A nice close-up piece on Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis who run the delicious M. Wells diner in Queens. Many already know that they're closing their current spot, but they're already in the works to open up a new joint in the vicinity.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy (Trailer)

"Trainspotting" is one of my all-time favorite movies. Let's see how "Ecstasy" turns out...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rancid - I Wanna Riot

I used to love Rancid. In lieu of what's going on across the pond, I was reminded of this track:

I saw a man get the beat down
Took his money and his wallet left him dead on the ground
I saw them gather celebrate the crime
Teaching us the laughter another lesson of mankind
I raise my hand, I've got another question:
"If I start a riot, will I get protection?
'Cause I'm the kid whose got a lot of problems
and if I throw a brick maybe the brick will go and solve them."

Oh.... yeah.... I wanna riot
Oh.... yeah.... I wanna riot

I'm boiling up the city's on heat
Red alert tension you know it's on the street
Code blue city of the dead
Sirens in the night with the lights bloody red
See how we do this (hell yeah) see how we ride
Throw a brick light the fuse dodge a bullet duck inside
It's a statistic hammered on my brain
Branded with a number another pawn in the game

Oh.... yeah.... I wanna riot
Oh.... yeah.... I wanna riot

Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!
In front of me debauchery (hell yeah)
Crying in line and dying burning debris
My Face is burning, burning so quick
Like a candle at the end of its wick
Well, I turn the dial, I turn the channel
I turn into a monster fighting the eternal battle
I need some help and, there is no doubt
If I'm gonna go down I'm gonna take somebody out

Oh.... yeah.... I wanna riot
Oh.... yeah.... I wanna riot
Oh.... yeah.... I wanna riot
Oh.... yeah.... I wanna riot

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Leonard Cohen - Bird On A Wire

Like a bird on the wire,
like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free.
Like a worm on a hook,
like a knight from some old fashioned book
I have saved all my ribbons for thee.
If I, if I have been unkind,
I hope that you can just let it go by.
If I, if I have been untrue
I hope you know it was never to you.

Like a baby, stillborn,
like a beast with his horn
I have torn everyone who reached out for me.
But I swear by this song
and by all that I have done wrong
I will make it all up to thee.
I saw a beggar leaning on his wooden crutch,
he said to me, "You must not ask for so much."
And a pretty woman standing in her darkened door,
she cried to me, "Hey, why not just ask for a little more?"

Oh like a bird on the wire,
like a drunk in a midnight choir,
I have tried in my way to be free.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky

Just copped a Greg Wilson edit of this song, but thought I'd post the original today:

When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best
When I lay me down to die
Goin' up to the spirit in the sky
Goin' up to the spirit in the sky
That's where I'm gonna go when I die
When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best

Prepare yourself you know it's a must
Gotta have a friend in Jesus
So you know that when you die
He's gonna recommend you
To the spirit in the sky
Gonna recommend you
To the spirit in the sky
That's where you're gonna go when you die
When you die and they lay you to rest
You're gonna go to the place that's the best

Never been a sinner I never sinned
I got a friend in Jesus
So you know that when I die
He's gonna set me up with
The spirit in the sky
Oh set me up with the spirit in the sky
That's where I'm gonna go when I die
When I die and they lay me to rest
I'm gonna go to the place that's the best
Go to the place that's the best

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fats Domino

But more so than The Georgia Satellites, Fats Domino is really who got Kenny excited when we talked about music. And who can blame him...Fats got it going on.

Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Had lunch at Shopsin's today (what a surprise) and got to talking about music with Kenny...and The Georgia Satellites came up. Pretty much a direct derivation of Chuck Berry, no?

I got a little change in my pocket going jingle lingle ling
Want to call you on the telephone baby I give you a ring
But each time we talk I get the same old thing
Always no huggin no kissin until I get a wedding ring
My honey my baby dont put my love upon no shelf
She said dont give no lies and keep your hands to yourself

Cruel baby baby baby why you want to treat me this way
You know Im still your lover boy I still feel the same way
Thats when she told me a story bout free milk and a cow
And she said no huggin no kissin until I get a wedding vow
My honey my baby dont put my love upon no shelf
She said dont hand me no lies and keep your hands to yourself

You see I wanted her real bad and I was about to give in
Thats when she started talkin true love started talkin about sin
I said honey Ill live with you for the rest of my life
She said no huggin no kissin until you make me your wife
My honey my baby dont put my love on no shelf
She dont hand me no lies and keep your hands to yourself.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jennifer Cardini and Shonky - Tuesday Paranoia

Happy Tuesday Paranoia:

Beastie Boys - Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Full Length)

Official Full Length, Ultra HD and Explicit Director's Cut music video for Beastie Boys "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (featuring Santigold)" off their album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.
Directed by the legendary Spike Jonze.
Production Company: Oscilloscope.
Producer: Samantha Storr

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No

It's a few years old, but still a sweet little animated doc about Dock:

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No -- An Animated Short Documentary! In celebration of the greatest athletic achievement by a man on a psychedelic journey, No Mas presents the animated tale of Dock Ellis' legendary LSD no-hitter. The piece's unorthodox origins are nearly as compelling as the short film itself. And that's saying something.

Thanks to an unusual partnership between entertainment and apparel brand No Mas, artist turned animator James Blagden, sports culture guru Chris Isenberg, and journalists Donnell Alexander and Neille Ilel, who interviewed Ellis before his untimely death in 2008, the film combines the former Pittsburgh Pirate's own account of the 1970 no-hitter he pitched while high on LSD with Blagden's totally original visual style.

The making of the film is a testament to the creative possibilities of the Internet age. In the spring of 2008, radio producers Donnell Alexander and Neille Ilel, recorded a 2-hour interview with Ellis -- possibly his last before his death later that summer -- in which the former Pirate right hander gave a moment by moment account of June 12, 1970, the day he no-hit the San Diego Padres.

Alexander and Ilel's original four-minute audio documentary appeared March 29, 2008 on the public radio program "Weekend America". In early 2009, Isenberg stumbled upon the audio archive of the piece at the show's Web site and commissioned Blagden to create an animated film around the original audio.

The resulting animated short has been hailed as, among other things, among the greatest baseball films ever.



Live mix recorded onboard the Argonaughty off the coast of Petrčane in sun-drenched Croatia during the Garden Festival 10.07.11.

Greg Wilson - Teenage DJ Project

Teenage DJ Project by gregwilson

Teenage DJ aka Greg Wilson ‘I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1’ (extended)

119 bpm

Previously limited vinyl only:

The Teenage DJ project was something that organically came together from the time I initially started using a computer at home, around the end of the 90’s. It developed out of the sketch ideas I was doing at the time in order to learn how to master the basics of the music programs I wanted to work with, particularly Acid. Before I knew it, there were a dozen or so of these sketches, and the idea of a project began to form. Over the next couple of years the amount of sketches would grow to around 30 or so, at which point, in 2003, I put the project on the backburner while I directed my energies into setting up , before returning to the clubs at the end of the year, where I began to play some of the more dance-based TDJ grooves I’d put together, like ‘Glorious’, ‘Time And Place (Disco Break)’ and, most notably, ‘I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1’, built around the intro of KC & The Sunshine Band’s 1977 single ‘I’m Your Boogie Man’, which dated right back to when I actually was a teenage DJ, back in my Merseyside hometown of New Brighton.

The response to them was so positive that, in 2005, I decided to press up a four track 12”, which I called ‘Teenage DJ Disco Best’ (borrowing its title, and the ‘Disco’ logo from a promo I received back in 1978 called ‘Kraftwerk’s Disco Best’).Given that all the TDJ tracks were quite short I decided to extend ‘I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1’, creating a reprise and adding a couple more minutes for the dancefloor.

This would turn out to be something of a landmark track for me, becoming an underground favourite, most rewardingly on a personal level in New York. At this point all my bookings were still in the UK, but, with the first volume of Credit To The Edit imminent things began to shift up a gear for me, with Groove Magazine in Germany bringing me over to Berlin for my European return (I’d last played abroad at Mülheim in Germany in 1980, for the two months immediately before I landed my Wigan Pier residency).

Whilst in Berlin I met DJ Kaos, who’d just got back from a trip to New York. I was somewhat taken aback when he informed me that he’d heard one of my Teenage DJ tunes played a couple of times at the No Ordinary Monkey party. I was obviously intrigued as to who had picked up on it over there – New York still being a city I’d never been to, despite its overwhelming influence on me throughout the early 80’s, when the majority of tracks I was playing were on New York labels. It was one of those ‘coals to Newcastle’ feelings, and I was bowled over to know that a record I was behind had caught the interest of a DJ from the city. These were still largely pre-download days, so if you didn’t have the vinyl, you didn’t have the track to play. With Manchester’s Piccadilly Records being the only shop that originally stocked it, it had to be someone who’d managed to get a copy shipped over from there, didn’t it?

I was about to find out as the following month I made my NYC debut, going over to help promote the Credit To The Edit album with a launch at APT.It was a massive buzz to discover that all of the DJ’s I met during my weekend there had copies of the 12” packed tight in their record bags. I started doing some detective work to try to deduce who the DJ was who’d first played it there, and finally it all became clear. The first copy played in NY hadn’t come from Piccadilly, but my own promo stock.
Rewind a few months and I’m making my first festival appearance on the Isle Of Wight. I’m introduced to a couple of DJ’s who are playing on the same stage, one American (Eric Duncan), the other English (Thomas Bullock) – they collectively go by the name of Rub N Tug. I get chatting to them and we exchange good vibes and a couple of records – they give me a Beastie Boys mix they’ve done and I give them one of the copies of ‘Teenage DJ Disco Best’, which I have in my bag.
They proceed to drop ‘I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1’ at all the underground parties they played in NYC throughout the following months, their own cult DJ status helping cultivate the ever growing cult credentials of the track. However, as it turned out, it wasn’t Rub N Tug that DJ Kaos heard, but Carlos Arias from Whatever We Want Records, who later told me;‘I played it twice at that party!I borrowed a copy from Thomas (from Rub N Tug), and ended up buying three on the internet to give away to friends.I think I wore it out here! It was my secret weapon for a bit, but those days are over’.

I generally cross paths with Thomas and/or Eric somewhere around the globe a couple of times a year, most regularly at the Garden Festival in Croatia, where I head this weekend. I’m always thankful for that first meeting with them on the Isle Of Wight, for otherwise it’s doubtful the 12” would have caught fire in New York as it did, or at least not as quickly as it did, allowing me to arrive at exactly the right time, with it still smouldering from that first wave of attention. So I raise my cup to Rub N Tug, and all who sailed with them.

The ‘Teenage DJ Disco Best’ 12” would become a DJ favourite far and wide, both at this early point and later via subsequent re-pressings, all four tracks picking up plenty of plays. In 2008 ‘I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1’ would re-emerge, having been pressed up back to back with another landmark tune for me, my Imagination / Missy Elliot mash-up, ‘Gotta Keep Workin’ It’, for the first Reactivate 12”. It’s something I’ll always return to from time to time, given its special place in my DJ heart – it’s the groove that keeps on giving.

Greg Wilson – July 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Velvet Underground - I Can't Stand It Anymore

It's hard being a man
living in a garbage pail
My landlady called me up, ooohhh
she tried to hit me with a mop

I can't stand it anymore more
I can't stand it anymore more, oh
I can't stand it anymore more

But if Shelly would just come back
it'd be all right
Yeah, if Shelly would just come back
it'd be all right, come on baby

I live with thirteen dead cats
a purple dog that wears spats
They're all out livin' in the hall
and I can't stand it anymore

I can't stand it anymore more
I can't stand it anymore more
I can't stand it anymore more

But if Shelly would just come back
it'd be all right
Ooohhh, if Shelly would just come back
it'd be all right, be all right now

Ah, come on baby

I'm tired of living all alone
yeah, nobody ever calls me on the phone
But when, ah, things start getting bad, ah
I just play my music louder

I can't stand it anymore more
I can't stand it anymore more
I can't stand it anymore more

Benoit & Sergio - Around The World

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Submarine (2010) - Directed by Richard Ayoade

Debut directorial film feature by Richard Ayoade, who we all love as Moss in The IT Crowd, Submarine is executive produced by Ben Stiller. Also just read via IMDB that Ayoade had directed the 'Critical Film Studies' episode of Community.

Here's the trailer:

And here's an interview with Ayoade:

Now showing at the Angelika Film Center and AMC Loews Lincoln Square.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BPT Featuring DM Binxter - Moody (Montreal Men Vocal Dub Remix)

As featured on John Digweed's Bedrock compilation from 1999:

Weezer - Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover)

Both Radiohead and Weezer have lent ridiculous amounts of material to cover artists—sharing their tunes with an hilarious assortment of full-blown tribute bands, Sheezer (an all-female Weezer cover band), Our Name is Jonas and The Karma Police—just to name a few. But, up until recently, neither powerhouse has taken the time to cover the other.

And while it comes down to personal preference when deciding between the awesomeness of Rivers Cuomo’s geek-chic persona and Thom Yorke’s brooding detachment, when Weezer covers Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android,” we think everyone can agree that it’s the definition of awesome.

Check out the clip below.

From Paste Magazine.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Phuture - Acid Tracks (1987)

For the weekend:

Phuture only released a handful of tracks (plus an album a full decade after their debut), but have remained a legendary act in the development of Chicago house for their stomping 1987 single "Acid Trax", the track that began and defined the acid house sound. The group was formed by DJ Pierre, synthesizer fan Spanky and Herb J in 1985 as a recording entity to produce records for Pierre to mix into his sets at several crucial Chicago clubs. After being turned on to the high-pitched squelch of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer (marketed as a bassline machine for solo guitarists), the trio emerged from the studio with a track they called "In Your Mind". Ron Hardy previewed the track at his legendary club the Music Box - where it became known as "Ron Hardy's Acid Track" - and Phuture re-made the cut with production by Marshall Jefferson. Released on Trax Records in 1987, the single created a dividing point between the Chicago sound before and after it, with hundreds of "Acid Trax" imitations flooding the local market. After it caught on in Britain as well, the single soundtracked the wave of club madness which coalesced in the rave movement by the end of the decade. Despite recording one single with immense influence on dancefloors around the world, Phuture etched a rocky path during the rest of the 1980s. Herb J left after their follow-up single "We Are Phuture", and was replaced by an up-and-coming producer, Roy Davis, Jr. DJ Pierre left several singles later, and was himself replaced by Damon Neloms (aka Professor Trax). The lineup of Spanky, Davis, Jr. and Neloms recorded 1992's "Inside Out" but then the group lay dormant for several years. In 1996, Phuture returned as Phuture 303 (with the addition of L.A. Williams) and released the album Alpha & Omega one year later.

Elmar Schubert - Spooning

Always liked this track for some reason:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lee Burridge - All Day I Dream Of Her

From Lee:

this is, by far, the best mix i've ever made. i made it for a girl i was in love with. i think it shows. i rarely listen to my own mixes but this one i've listened to a thousand times. sunrise or sunset or k hole. it works a treat.

after a while i started to give it away to a few people but decided i would only give it to girls. after a year or so it was featured on resident advisor as my podcast. it's full of beautiful, dreamy, melancholic house. music with emotion.

this was the beginning of a road i'm still on as i'm about to start (in june 2011) a party called 'all day i dream' (a record label too). each event will be outdoors on a sunday afternoon and music like this (and from another mix on here - live from Lightning in a bottle) will be the flavor. i want to create a party where the music makes you smile and melt a little (maybe the sun will help with that too).

i love you x

ALL DAY I DREAM OF HER by leeburridge


01. Pole - Pferd (Melchior Productions Remix)
02. Adam Kroll - Cael
03. Douglas Greed - Balldate (Klute remix)
04. Trentemoller - Miss You (Pascal FEOS Remix)
05. Rone - Bora (Alain Damasio Vocal Mix)
06. Stephan Hinz- Rhodes Under My Pillow
07. Solomun & Stimming - Eiszauber (Lawrence Remix)
08. Klute - Only Memory Is A Good One
09. Recloose - Maui's Lament
10. Stickroth & Ercolino - The Giant's Sleep (Ripperton Remix)
11. Champion - Tawoumga (Fred Everything Petit Dub)
12. Logic - The Warning (Acapella)
13. Henrik Schwarz - Walk Music

Click here to download.

Sunday, June 12 is the kickoff party. Facebook event page is here.