Sunday, February 10, 2008

possibly my favorite korean restaurant in queens...

The joint is called Hahm Ji Bak...and I just got back home from a seriously diesel meal of unmarinated and deliciously salted pork belly with a plethora of side dishes (panchan). Funny story about Korean side dishes - there was this guy who went to a Korean restaurant for the first time...and it is customary for the restaurant to provide several side dishes for patrons. These side dishes usually consist of kimchi and various vegetables and meats. this guy who goes to the Korean joint for the first time...he sits at the table and the waitress begins to bring all these side dishes out...and the dude's like, "I didn't order this...I don't think it's for me". Yeah...that was a horrible story...

No joke though...this place has got it going on. It's got a sushi/sashimi bar as well but that's pretty moot in my book. The pork belly, called "sam gyup sal", is fairly priced for one order at $18.99 for two thick (though they label it as thin) slices of unadulterated pork belly. With the panchan that total around 12-14, you also get a bowl of rice, marinated scallions, a healthy bowl of not-too-spicy broth and several dipping options for the meat. I'm kinda getting hungry again. This is bad.

Here are some pics that I found that was from my first excursion to the restaurant in May of last year (it's pretty much the same thing now, as it should be, because you don't fuck with something that's working):

The restaurant has two locations, but I've only been to the one in Bayside. The addresses are:

Ham Ji Bak [Bayside]
210-22 Northern Blvd, between 210th and 211th Sts
Bayside, Queens, NY 11361

Ham Ji Bak [Flushing ]41-08 149th Pl, at 41st Ave
Flushing, Queens, NY 11355

I've embedded a map for their Bayside location for you because I'm cool like that:

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