Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cafe Gray

I don't really know what to say, as I'm quite ambivalent about the whole dining experience. This could be because I was completely wasted when I arrived at the restaurant, but I doubt it...but possibly maybe. I do have to say that the first three courses of our tasting menu were exceptionally phenomenal...but the restaurant's signature braised short ribs had much more left to be desired, as the mustard sauce we had was truly overbearing. The whole experience was greatly anticipated, as I had been wanting to dine at Cafe Gray for quite some time - about six months...probably longer. But even though I had built up the moment in my head, it did meet my expectations, specifically food-wise, whereas the service was barely par for the course. My only regret is having tossed the contents of our dessert course and petits-fours, which we were given to take home in several containers, into the middle of the street somewhere around Union Square. I don't even know why we were in that vicinity, let alone how I remember that we were...but's been about two weeks since then and I think I'm finally letting it go.

So, would I suggest someone to check out Cafe Gray? Depends on who's asking. (edit: Actually, yeah...if you can afford to go, I would say give it a shot.)

On a relevant sidenote, Chef Gray Kunz, recently opened Grayz. The interior is beautiful and elegant and pure class. The menu is abbreviated, but there are enough dishes to whet appetites. All I've got to say is that they should have a live jazz band play. Here's the Brunski's review of the joint (Link).

Actually, here's a mini review I wrote up on November 30, 2007:

"was at grayz last night.

had a few drinks and grayz oyster rockefeller. the oysters were kush oysters, from washington. unbelievably fresh...melted like butter in my mouth.

the place is smashing.

the drinks were mucho dinero (which i guess is obvious).

chef kunz was in the house.

i was there primarily for drinks...but wanted to get at least one food item.

they had a white truffle pizza ($185) that i was contemplating, but thought better of it.

they had jazz playing on the house speakers. imo, they should get a live jazz ensemble that'll play for food and then at least the establishment can justify jamesons for $14 and $15 cocktails and have that true speakeasy vibe.

all in all, i'd much rather go to cafe gray if i'm going to get food...but if you're in the hood and feel sophisticated, yet laid-back...grayz is a nice and quaint little joint to grab a few drinks and hit your next spot for the night."

One other thing I should've mentioned in the above review, which Bruni had mentioned, is the inconsistency in chair and table height.

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