Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dale Talde on Vice's Munchies and mini-review of Talde

I hit up Talde in Park Slope last night.  In a word - delicious.  Food was much so that our table got another order of chicken for dessert.  And another order of pork sausage buns (slider-like) b/c there would be a wait for the chicken.  Both of the rib entrees were dy-no-mite.  (I had a vegetarian dinner tonight so I'm kinda drooling over them ribs in my mind right now.)  The only miss for me was the crepes, but really there was nothing wrong with it.  It just didn't float my boat.  Two bucks a pop for dumprings may be pricey, but they were pretty dang good and I was on my way to getting drunk so I didn't really care.  All in all, I'll definitely be back whenever I make plans to be in Park Slope again.  Also, be on the lookout for a new venture by the Talde team opening up in August.  It's called Pork Slope and seems like their master plan is to provide delicious affordable food and drinks.  If they bust out this concept with the same quality-control and attention to service as Talde, it's gonna be a win, fo sho. 

Here's Dale rolling with the rest of the Talde team (David Massoni and John Bush) for Vice Magazine's Munchies video series:

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