Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Chemical Brothers - Confront Your Demons (Promo Mix 2003)

Included in The Cornerstone Player series #46 (which funnily was a promotion of the awesome Richard Linklater flick "The School of Rock"), this is a mix that many people have missed out on.  It's undeniably got that Chem Bros imprint...


Automat - Rise
Las Ninos Del Parque - Liasons Dangereus
Shriekback - My Spine Is The Baseline
The Chemical Brothers - Get Yourself High
David Bowie - Fashion
Metro Area - Miura
Outhud - Unknown
Matthew Jonson - Typerope
DK - The Difference
Angola - Angola (Carl Craig Mix)
The Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path
The Chemical Brothers - Delta FX
Melo Da Cuica - Azimuth
Kardinal Official - Belly Dancer
The Deadly Avenger - Day One (Fsol Remix)
MAW - Electronic (Todd Terry Remix)
Arpadys - Stone Roller
Beige GT - Knights Of The Jaguar
The Chemical Brothers - Nude Night
Sender - Loops
Conic Cylinder - 99.9
Ernst Vibeg - Night Life
DJ Shorty - Lawnmower
The Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence (Mix 2)
Jimi Hendrix - Peace In The Mississippi
Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

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