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The Revenge - In Their House #16

Graeme Clarke - known more commonly in house and disco circles as The Revenge - began producing in his early teenage years, making a skewed blend of electronic music using a couple of his dad’s old drum machines, a four track and a sampler. And while his methods may have substantially developed since those early forays into the world of production, the intervening years have done nothing to damped the affable Scot’s passion for the beat.

Now producing for over 15 years, Graeme continues to put his fingers to work on a variety of projects in the studio, including music for DFA, Buzzin' Fly, Domino and Pokerflat, as well as his own (sadly, soon to be defunct) Instruments of Rapture imprint. Here, he brings us an hour of sublime disco edits and bouncing house beats; a suitably optimistic way to kick off the In Their House series in 2012…

In Their House #16 - The Revenge by Defected Records

John Nezda - Hotbox [CDR]
Tornado Wallace - Don't Hold Back [Instruments Of Rapture]
OOFT - Make U Mine [CDR]
Missing Linkx - Got A Minute [Philpot]
The Milk - B Roads (6th Borough Project Udder Dub) [Sony]
James Johnston - Untitled [CDR]
Double Hill & Jerome C - I Need Love [Double Standard]
PBR Streetgang - The Downstroke [CDR]
Manik - She Watches Me (The Revenge Remix) [Culprit]
Uner - Nuribo (Audiojack Remix) [Gruuv]
Gerd - Palm Leaves [Royal Oak]
Dusky feat. Janai - Lost In You (T.Williams Remix) [Anjunadeep]
Alan Parsons Project - The Games People Play (6th Borough Project Rework) [CDR]
Cabin Fever 19 - Untitled [Rekids]
Reggie R - Get Up [Real House Records]


Sum up 2011 in a sentence…

Another ruddy excellent adventure!

Any particular highlights you’d like to pick out for us…?

I really enjoyed the touring much more this year. It took me a while to get used to the travelling over the last few years, but once I got the album projects finished in January it allowed me to concentrate on DJing a bit more.

Where did you see in the New Year?

I was playing a couple of parties in Sydney with Craig Smith and Motor City Drum Ensemble. So much fun.

You make or have made music under a lot of different aliases…would you say you’re truest to the music you love as The Revenge?

The Revenge is my solo stuff, but I have a strong bond with all of the projects I work on.

Tightness of money aside, what’s been the biggest challenge of running your own label?

The admin stuff ... I hate it. I'm about to finish my existing label and start a new one this spring with fresh material but will have some help so that I can concentrate on the music side of things.

How and where was the mix recorded?

I recorded it in my studio in Glasgow using my E&S DJR400 mixer with Serato.

2011 was the year that more ‘poppy’ house music really came to the fore…do you think they’ll be a backlash against it in 2012?

I think it's great to hear the variety in House music now. There have been some great songs released in the last 12 months and I think that will inspire more producers to up their game. The walls have come down in so many areas of the industry and it's a really exciting time to be involved.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about…?

The Instruments Of Rapture label will finish after the next release but will continue as an event which I'm currently running with Craig Smith, Ali OOFT and Harri at the Sub Club in Glasgow on the first Sunday of the month. Our first four events at the end of 2011 have been great so I'm hoping that continues through 2012.

Interview with Defected

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