Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mexicue Food Truck (Review)

I love Mexican food, and I love barbeque...so, in theory, Mexicue should be right up my alley. They've been on my food truck radar for quite sometime and I finally had a chance to try some of their goods that have been nominated for top rookie prize at this year's Vendy Awards.

I ordered a short rib taco ($4), brisket slider ($3) and pulled pork slider ($3). Here's what they looked like all together and chilling in their container:

The short rib taco, though the most expensive, was my least favorite. The integrity of the tortilla disintegrated and everything fell out, which made for messy eats. Don't get me wrong...it was quite tasty...but not $4 tasty. (Shoot, now i'm in the mood for some kalbi.) Here's a pic of the taco after a few bites:

Next up for my stomach was the brisket slider:

This was really good and all the flavors came together nicely. I also quite enjoyed the slaw.

Finally, the pulled pork slider rounded out my lunch:

This was by far my favorite of the three. The arbol BBQ sauce had a great kick to it that brought the slider to a happier place. It was the best of the three and I'd probably get it again along with something else I haven't tried (most likely the chorizo and chicken).

My only complaint for the sliders were that the buns were made byPepperidge Farm, if I'm not mistaken. Is it not possible to try and source an authentic Mexican bun? Or are they non-existent? I can surely say that the sliders would be that much better if the buns weren't such a recognizable component.

Their locations are:

MONDAY: 23 Street and Park Avenue
TUESDAY: Bryant Park
WEDNESDAY: 52 Street and Park Avenue
THURSDAY: Financial District
FRIDAY: 48th Street and 6th Avenue
SATURDAY: Soho / Brooklyn

However, it's subject to change so check their twitter feed or website for details. You can also call or text them at 917.568.8922.

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