Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Master Burger List Review Bonanza - Pt. 8 - #1 Burger (29th & 2nd)

A few weeks back, I was perusing Seamless Web looking for some delivery grub and came across #1 Burger. Trying to do some due diligence before forking over my hard earned cash, I couldn't find anything about this joint on the internet. So, I did what every reviewer does (or should do), and took one for the team.

The first thing that caught my eye was that under the #1 Burger link on the main restaurant listing page, it stated that their "delicious beef burgers are sourced directly from Pat La Frieda". Understandably, that piqued my interest, as La Frieda meats are highly regarded, especially in the burger-world. After clicking the link and arriving at their menu, I next noticed how competitively priced #1 Burger sold their ish. Things were looking good and my mouth was getting watery.

About a half hour later, my cheeseburger combo arrived.

Packaged in a neat little to-go box, things were looking promising. Here's what the burger looked like when I unwrapped it:

This is where you cue the sad trombone sound. Expectations weren't even really that high, and yet the burger failed to meet them. First off, the cheese tasted like the cheese you get on your nachos. (Those are nachos.) Second, the bottom half of the bun was super thin and was pretty much soaked through, especially where you held the burger. Check it out:

As for the meat itself, I really don't think the patty was fresh. I could be mistaken, but it had that frozen patty quality to it - where the shape and consistency was too hockey puck-like.

It's unfortunate, as the place had a lot going for tater tots and Dr. Brown's soda and dollar Arizona iced teas. I'm open to giving it another chance, as the place is still relatively new. I just hope I don't get neckboned again.

#1 Burger
228 East 29th Street
New York, NY 10016

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